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Some specific questions about the Domino and shields


I am thinking about purchasing a FEZ Domino boards. However I would like
to know a little more about some of your shields. Does the “Flash Shield” have the
16 MB of user flash RAM already on the board? In the picture shown I cannot see
anything other than the standard standoff and the prototyping area. Also I am
interested in your “Wi-Fi Shield”. It does not seem to have the standard standoff on
top of the card so I can plug more shields on top. As I am thinking about buying
your “Component Shield” I would like to have that shield on top. Would this be
possible with your “Wi-Fi Shield”? Also, what is the size limit on the on-board micro SD card?

Thanks for your patience.


Most shields can be stacked but not all since two shields maybe using the same pins. You can learn more about what pins are used by looking at schematics or source code drivers. Either way, all can be hacked (with some experience) to work together just fine.

There is no limit on the size of SD card.

I suggest you get started simple, one shield. Get familiar with FEZ and then add more


I have been using Arduino and compatible products for other projects, so I am aware of the issues of line use. My question on the WiFi board was the product shown seems not to have the standoffs needed to allow me to place the Component shield on top of it. Is there a specific reason for this? The attenna seems to clear the board.

I am looking at a fairly involved situation which is one reason I want to “jump ship” to the .NET boards. I have a lot of experience in C#, and I would prefer a true multithreaded environment. I know the size of the code is going to be smaller than I expect, but knowing a bit more about the additional User Flash would be nice, and the explanation seemed sparse. Is there additional information on this anywhere? I know there are a lot of lines and capability that are available to your Domino that the Arduino just can’t match.


The Wify Shield ships with 4 female connectors with long pins so you can plug it on FEZ Domino then you plug the Component Shield on,

The connectors are included as you see the the picture



So from the image, I have to unsolder the male-only pins, and solder on the combination pins as shown in the second picture?