Some sign of life needed badly

Might I suggest that at least adding sample projects from CodeShare be listed in the ‘buy’ section, right now having nothing doesn’t look so good to perspective Gadgeteer newbies.

Really stuff like this doesn’t look appealing to people investigating Gadgeteer:

We have to let people know that Gadgeteer has an active and growing community and that its easy to get started building stuff with Gadgeteer and that you won’t be working in a vacuum. When I look at some of Gadgeteer’s competitors, about the only thing they have going for them is an illusion, but boy do they make the best of it. We have to up our profile as a ‘can build it’ platform otherwise the masses will go with the wrong platform.

I’ll start writing some Wiki posts, is there a style guide you would like followed Gus?


When I started with GHI, they used to have nice samples with the various shields they offered.

Either the Wiki articles should be filled in completely, or perhaps have links to approved Codeshare entries for that module.

While we welcome any help, we are planning a full website review, including wiki. We spent too much time having fun building new modules and missed a lot of documentation :frowning:

You guys sound like my company – we chew off more than we can handle! :smiley:

Its a common problem as most hardware/software dudes would agree documentation etc isn’t nearly as fun as building stuff, but visibility isn’t optional to a successful product or platform. Frankly we live in a market driven world anymore, where totally dysfunctional crap can easily win over brilliantly engineered solutions because crap has better marketing.

I hate making videos etc as frankly its not something I’m good at (I figure I’ll get better as I go), and its pretty much anti-climatic given the product is already built, but still when I look at all the twitter posts etc for some of the other platforms, it motivates me to post some truth out there.

Yea videos and tutorials feel like a pain to me too when you’ve just got something working and am itching to go with the flow, keep going… But sharing is caring, isn’t it. I did manage to contribute some to the wiki but the mo to do so felt a bit strange and I haven’t checked if the stuff I added is still there, don’t know if I even have/had the user rights to do so. I’d probably do more if the interface was a bit more welcoming to the task.

(on another note, couldn’t find a link to your videos, please share)

They are in his codeshare entries.

Here’s the list in YouTube: