Some news for c# small devices

From Nanoframework

From Wilderness Lab : Still no debugger but a new beta.

@philippeb, yep. It’s some weird times we’re living in. 2020 just keeps on giving.

NETMF 4.4 is still where its at for me for small devices :cowboy_hat_face:

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Nanoframework is kind of a mess. Lacking even basic documentation / getting started guides, tutorial/docs links are all broken… etc.

.NET Micro 4.4 is still choice for me too and with use of ESP32 module (but yet not tested version WT32-ETH01 with Ethernet) i resolved problem of Network and TLS 1.2,even MQTT via AT Command.

but TinyCLR is Cake of all.

I’m beginning to wonder if TinyClr could run on WebAssembly.