Some Modules to start playing with the G120

@ GHI,

Here’s a list of modules I asked for to my local reseller. To you think references are OK to start playing with the G120 ?

Module G120HDR : G120H-SM-388
USB Client DP Module : USBDP-GM-280
Ethernet ENC28 Module : ENC28-GM-333
Micro SDCard Module : USDCR-GM-359

Purpose for me is : HTTP server + DPWS + SD FS Storage and UART communication.

Yes that is good

OK, order done !

One question more, the CP7 seems to have an ‘I’ socket associated to the RGB, which is not provided on the G120 HDR. Does it means I have to think about another display, or I need to build the I socket from the provided holes on the HDR ?

I see there are 2 user socket, but I need them for the SD and the ENC28 also…

You can use g120hdr with minor wiring.

One of these with some soldering (between these modules and the HDR) should work for you!

@ mhectorgato -

Yes. I bought a couple of extenders to play with.