Some Hydras have shipped, did you get yours?

We have shipped few FEZ Hydras today. Have you emailed GHI about ordering one?

Priority is given to those who are willing to help us and the community with FEZ Hydra project. So if you are one, this is the time to ask for yours.

Will there be a compatible SDK released by time they arrive?

Ordered mine; can’t wait for it to get here and start playing with it. Gadgetos & GameSlate & 200-240MHz, oh my. :smiley:

Received shipping info a few minutes ago from Christine!

I have a work project targeted for the Hydra.

I will be using the Hydra as a processing and display engine, and a Cobra as data gatherer.

I might need more power than 240MHZ. :smiley:

When will the Ethernet module for the Hydra be ready for ordering and shipment?

Hold on the questions guys, all will be cleared up.


This is a Hydra sitting on my front porch…I knew I should have called in sick today.