[Solved] TinyCLR build in VS2019 trying to reference .dll files that aren't built yet

Hi All,
I’m pretty new to this, and I’m stuck a little on this one, but this may be more of a VS2019 question than a TinyCLR one, so I apologize if this isn’t relevant. I was brought onto a project after most of our initial release code had been written. I checked out our code from git (1 solution, ~12 projects) and tried to build and deploy it onto a 20260 dev board. However, during the build step it throws a bunch of CS0006 errors that the build is trying to reference .dll files that will be built during the step. The project build order is right, no project will be built before its dependencies, but it seems to be scanning and checking for those files before it builds anything at all. I can’t figure out how to force it to rebuild everything. Any tips?

Edit: I am blind. The first project had a syntax error in it that kept it from building, cascading down the whole tree. I fixed it and now it works just fine.

There is a Rebuild All menu item