Solved? SSL Memory leak

With blood and tears, it turned out that the memory leak is caused by two individual bugs! There is more testing to be done but looks like this long overdue bug is finally squished. We are going to open this for public testing once we feel ready.


@ Gus - Congrats on solving the mystery.

You guys are welcome, I worked tirelessly night and day over the last few years to figure this out. :whistle:

That explains why it took so long.

Just kidding :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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looks like we just started another list!

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@ Gus - Congrats! So, did it end up being in the core NETMF code or somewhere else?

@ ianlee74 - core I believe

A long awaited fix. Looks like I purchased the g120 just in time. Thanks Gus, looks like you still got it.

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@ Mr. John Smith - actually Dat is the one who nailed it down.

Dat GHI Employee. :-[

Thank you Dat. It seems like your awesomeness is underrated.

The fix seemed to have caused other strange issues. We are still not sure if we want to go through with the leak issue and compromise the over all quality. We will know in a couple of weeks.

I am guessing since the ETA has come and gone that this compromised the quality too much???
Are the “potential” fixes documented so others can investigate further?
Is it likely to come in a later release?

Unfortunately, we do not have a fix or documentation today.

Any news on this?

Anything new?

As it stands today, we are focusing on TinyCLR. If you have a commercial need and willing to use our paid support services then please contact us directly.