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[solved] Fez Domino noob issues


Hi all,

Well, i just got my fez domino, and I’m trying to upgrade my firmware. I am able to connect to the fez, and the boot loader version is 1.07.

My firmware version was not the same as the one in the SDK (older), so I need to flash the latest…

So I’m following the tutorial, and when I try to load the firmware, I cannot locate the file “FEZ Domino & Mini.GHI”, all I can find is “USBizi_CLR.GHI” in the “GHI NETMF v4.1 SDK” directory.

I am also not able to Ping the device, but I can connect to, and was able to run an app in the device…

Also, in Visual C#, when I “Add References”, there is nothing in the “.NET” directory…


~Kam (^8*


okay, found the file, it’s in the usbizi directory called something else!


okay, so I still have issues in where I cannot see anything in the “.NET” selection in Add References…



The file name was changed very long ago. How did we miss updating the tutorials!
We will update the doc


There are a few things that can make the modules not show under Add Reference

  1. Make sure you’ve installed the both the GHI & Microsoft SDKs (same page)

  2. Make sure you’ve created a C# microframework project

  3. Make sure your Target Framework is 4.1 any other version can cause items to not show in Add References.

  4. if all still fails make sure you’re using 2010


Also… for some reason, When adding references do it from the solutions window on the right… Right click on add reference… The solution window must be in focus before you can see the .net references

Cheers Ian



Bingo! That was it. I was adding references from the top menu, and not from the solutions window! Got it working!


~Kam (^8*