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[Solved]C3 capacitor


This is dedicated to GHI team.

We are still on development process of our application and we are facing a problem with the size of C3 that is not compliant with our enclosure. I know that hardware designers are not adding unusefull components on their boards but is there any chance to modify C3 with an other one of the same value but smaller?

I do not plan to reverse Engineer the board, but could I know the purpose of C3? if this is filtering on power supply, I may probably take care of that in an other place.



C3 on what schematics?


Sorry it was not mentionned: I talk about the C3 capacitor that exist on the EMX board


EMX module or EMX development system?


OK sorry to be not enough precise. I talk about EMX module.


I see, the large yellow capacitor is too big for your application? So you will be removing it manually or you spoke to GHI about special order?

It is safe to remove this capacitor is you have good power traces with enough capacitance.


Many thanks GUS for this fast reply. I think it will be better for us to remove it manually during production. It is nothing to do according to our volume, and won’t be a special order to GHI.
To resume, do you confirm that removing this capacitor is possible if we take care of having a good power supply?