Solicitation of Interest: GHI Enthusiast GTG in New York City around Maker Faire - September 29-30

GTG == get together == meeting

I was thinking about organizing an informal meeting of GHI/FEZ enthusiasts which coincides with the NYC Maker Faire.

I have several ideas on how this event could go, but I am interested hearing from those who might attend.

I was thinking about having the meeting take place in Manhattan. The day, time and venue depend upon how many
would be attending and how much they are willing to spend. :slight_smile:

The Open Hardware Conference takes place in NYC on September 27, so there is a chance that GHI may have a representative in the area.

Please let me know about your interest!

I am interested

Sounds interesting.

The Make beta team does give me free entrance to a Maker Faire. Wouldn’t be hard to talk the Mrs into. Not sure I can swing it by then though. Sounds like a blast.

I’m interested but have no idea what my plans are that weekend. I’ll be in the neighborhood but won’t know more than that until a few days beforehand…

The time is approaching for the Maker Faire in NYC on September 29-30th. The fair takes place on a
Saturday and Sunday.

Based upon interest, I suggest getting together for an activity Friday afternoon and/or a
diner Friday evening, and then meet at the Faire on Saturday.

I would like to sponsor a private walking tour in lower Manhattan Friday afternoon.
Following the tour, I know some great places for diner in the Greenwich Village and East Village areas.

If you are planning to attend the faire, and would like to join us, please let me know.

I believe Gus will be attending, and maybe a few other GHI staff?

I’d love to be able to be there, but unfortunately I won’t be able to. I would like to point out, however, that for some reason, two of the last two times I was in NYC, I ended up walking around the financial district at or around midnight. I believe there’s something wrong with me.

I was planning on going but my track star son had to go and mess his knee up. Now he gets physical therapy instead. Kids… :wink:

If nothing comes up closer to the event I will most likely be there.

I would come if it wasn’t that far away :S

OK… It appears that there will not enough people attending the faire to justify any formal type of event.

If you are planning to be in the area, and are interested in meeting, send me an email and I can
organize ad hoc events on Friday and/or Saturday.

My email is miker at cranbury dot com.