Soldering Irons for training class

Hello I am putting together a learn how to solder class and I was wondering if any one knew where I could borrow or rent 20 - 30 solder stations. This is for the Made Expo in Hampton Va. in June of this year.


Please post such questions in “off topic” :slight_smile: It is okay for this post.


I’m not sure where you could rent that equipment, but please make sure that you mention that equipment in your session description, as that would require a significant amount of power, so we will have to check whether we can accommodate that in one of the breakout rooms. The other concern with that many stations is fumes…don’t know whether the convention center will even approve that in the first place.

The hands-on workshop idea is cool…just want to make sure that the logistics are even possible. I’ll ping the rest of the crew and see if we can find out from HRCC before you put too much work into locating equipment.

Oh, and small thing…but the short name of the conference is MADExpo. :wink:


Check with your local Boy Scouts. We have these types of sessions about once a year or so and there’s always someone that’s got access to them. If a small donation can be offered then you’ll surely get someone’s attention. Donating your time to teach the boys about Gadgeteer is fair also :wink:

Try your local high school?

We have about 50 functioning ones where I study, and at least another 50 iffy ones.

You could contact SparkFun. They have a traveling soldering setup they use at shows.

thanks for the help

I did not even think about the fumes or power issues I should have as that’s covered in the presentation

I will change it to using bread boards that might be easier to to do

@ swestcott

I think a soldering demo could potentially be useful. Particularly with something like this:

I use one of those for Windows Phone and Gadgeteer demos. It has excellent picture clarity, and can get up nice and close, so you can show your great soldering technique. :slight_smile:

great I will get one that will be good for making YouTube videos as well plus I love stuff like this thanks