Solder Source

NashMicro has acquired 10 new soldering stations and now I need to stock them with solder & flux. I’ve had good luck with Kester 44 (0.8mm) solder and that’s would I would like to get. 10 x 1lb spools isn’t cheap… Anyone got suggestions of cheap sources or cheap alternatives that work just as well? This will mostly be used for outreach programs and Maker Faires teaching kids to solder.

Did you lookup the MG Chemicals lead free spools ?

@ Rajesh - I’m not familiar with MG Chemicals but a quick eBay search didn’t show them to be any cheaper than Kester. Do you know a source?

Personally, I prefer leaded solder. I think its easier to use. Since most of the people I will be working with will be virgin solderers, I want them to have the best experience possible. Long-term exposure is not a concern.

I switched to the MG lead free very recently and was skeptic about “lead free”. Except for the fact that the joints looks a little dull, I did not find any difference :slight_smile:

You are right, MG could be in the same price range as Kester (may be because they are made in the USA )

AllSpec has leaded Kester for $23

Yes … cure the youth with lead smoke ;D