Solar powered panda prototype

Adafruit just put together a lipo charger specifically designed for solar input. Combined with a MintyBoost, 6V 2W panel, and of course, a battery, I put together a rough prototype of what I hope will eventually be a fully sun powered Panda2. Take a look at [url][/url] to see what makes this charger “sun worthy”. THe panel and components (minus the Panda) totalled about $65. This weekend, weather permitting, I plan to see how long this will run the Panda “straight up” without any hibernation or special power saving tweaks (or sensors for that matter).

The other side…

I’ve been looking around for a suitable solar panel for some time now.
It seems that I have finally found the right one! :slight_smile:

PLease show us the test results when you got them.

Thanks for sharing :smiley:

It will be interesting to see where the sweet spot is for power input and output. My guess is that I’ll have to come up with some hibernation scheme that turns on power greedy components only when necessary.

Yes I am really interested in how long it runs in sun/shade/night and how long to charge

Yeah I am interested to see your results too. I am thinking remote temperature sensor unit in a customised LED light for a house street number; all spawned by seeing the same adafruit device when they tweeted about it

Combine that with a XBee module and a push button and you have also a wireless doorbell ;D

I’ve made some progress! I can now display and log a bunch of data for voltage, current, and temperature. I used several components from Adafruit (MintyBoost, VFD display) and participated in their Saturday night G+ hangout project show and tell, which is right before their regular ‘Ask an Engineer’ live stream. Seems like I made an impression, as they put it up on their blog: [url][/url] . Almost spit out my morning coffee when I saw that :slight_smile:

[edit] Check out this video starting at 11:00, [url][/url] . This is part of my not so subversive attempt to convert (at least some of) the Adafruit ‘arduino exclusive’ crowd to using GHI boards!

Nice. I see your case in place :wink:

ransomhall is my man :slight_smile:

I’ve answered a few questions on the adafruit arduino forum like “how do I add an SD card”, “how do I hook up a USB host”, “can I add more memory” with “Quit yer whinin’ and buy a FEZ, it costs less and does all that!” ;D
A few have freaked out on the NETMF/c# thing, but I remind them that they learned how to write a sketch in a less than polished IDE, didn’t they? There is a growing NetDuino crowd there, so some are taking baby steps in the right direction.

BTW - The artist formerly known as EricH is trying to standardize his alias across multiple forums.