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Software Install tutorial video - feedback please


Could i please get some feedback on what people think of:


[quote]Always trust GHI. They are nice guys ! Honest ! [/quote] :stuck_out_tongue:

Very nice, clear and concise tutorial :clap:

It looks like voices are not “real”, sometimes, though :think: Digital speech from text file or illusion ?


OK I do not think I have ever given 1000 points but you earned yourself 1000 points :o

I only have one comment, can we make the resolution higher? 800x600?

If you get the whole set complete then we may replace the ones we have on the download page with yours :slight_smile:


I have a high res proper flash training tutorial which allows you to skip steps/go back and forwards through the steps. It’s only 9mb vs 32mb for the f4v. Youtube mangles the quality on the video.

Email me if you’d like to use them on the website.

Unfortunately i can’t do much about the computer generated voices. They are the clearest ones i have. I don’t have a microphone myself at the moment so i cannot narrate it myself. The high res training files have a closed caption system in them for people who don’t understand the voices.

It takes about 1hr per minute of training to develop these :frowning: I got my fez delivered 6hrs ago and have only just plugged it in :frowning:


About computer generated voices, it was not a criticism :wink: My native language is not english so I though I could be wrong about this, hence the question.
They are indeed clear and understandable, maybe more than by a human narrator with an accent :hand:


That was my intention in using the computer voice Bec, a lot of international people find the Australian accent hard to understand the first time they hear it, especially when you speak fast like i tend to. We have a dutch and iranian engineer at work and they still have troubles understanding us some times. The dutch guy has been in australia for 10yrs or so, the iranian only about 4 months. I was very pleased at how clear and concise “paul” is. He has his little burbles and cant say SDK properly, but oh well. Perhaps i’ll try another guy this time.


Can you upload the flash file somewhere where I can download it?


Can you please send me an email, or give me your email address so i don’t have to link it on the forum? I’m still building my new company website so i don’t want people having access to my high res files before i can finish putting url’s back to my site and such in :slight_smile:


BTW, the forum is confused.

FEZ Senior
Experience: 1,050
EXP: 850
EXP Bonus: 1,200
2,950 to Next Rank

850 + 1200 = 2050 :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe 1000pts is simply too much and it refuses to accept it haha.


not it is not confused but the numbers are calculated when you log in :slight_smile:
Close your browser and reopen it.

My email is gusi@ the ghi domain name


-1 for the computer voice. :frowning:


I think the computer voice is OK. I really like the part where the female voice says, “Always trust GHI, they are nice guys, really”. :smiley:


Great tutorial!

I wonder if you could mention the FEZ Panel, in addition to TeraTerm.

[quote]FEZ Panel is a flashing utility for FEZ boards. It encapsulates all of the common procedures you will do with TeraTerm and simplifies them to one button clicks.

(link removed)

I think it worth it, since a lot of people put a lot of effort creating the FEZ Panel.

just my two cents


Or a whole tutorial on FEZ Panel


I didn’t realise it existed, i simply followed the PDF’s and gus’s videos on youtube to work out what i was doing haha.

Unfortunately, now i have the latest firmware i cannot upgrade it any further. Could i get the 4.0 hex file so i can downgrade then upgrade again?


You can reload the same file over and over


But the device caps wont show the wrong version :wink:


LOL, I see.

You can find old SDKs here


Ah, i didn’t think of looking on GHI’s site. Thanks. I’d like to do tutorials with/without the software mentioned earlier and device specific ones too at some point.