Software brightness controlled backlight

Our customer is searching for software brightness controlled backlight panel for Gadgeteer.
I know SetBacklight() can switch backlight.
Is there color LCD panel with software brightness controlled backlight ?
Display TE35 Module or Display T43 Module can support this function for .NET Gadgeteer?

If the PIN that drives the backlight signal can do PWM then you can use this to dim the LED’s.

This is assuming that the pin is not already in use by the driver?

This is the one on the T43

@ hidaka - Welcome!

Are you planning to use it on a premium Gadgeteer device like Spider or on a OSHW device like Hydra?

Thanks all!
We can use any Gadgeteer main board (Premium or OSHW) if it can support brightness control. I will check to use PWM for T43.

Ok, good. With premium boards you can use SignalGenerator feature. It is basicly a software PWM, which can work on any pin, not just PWM capable. You will need to take display driver and replace/add the brightness control function. It is a very simple function, but let us know if you need help with it.

SignalGenerator is also implemented on Hydra, but it is an add on feature by @ taylorza, so the firmware has to be recompiled.

Thank you, Architect.

I checked SignalGenerator Class is available at GHI.Premium.Hardware Namespace.
I will discuss with our customer and ask you the details.