Sodimm prototype board

please did exists any ready sodimm board for SiteCore Module

similiar to this (or can i use this)

Please explain what you are trying to do.

And this should work for you UCD-BKT-C

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this is exact what i wanted (i searched earlier but not found)

are labeleed pins
(compatible with sitecore module or are different)

No pins are not compatible 100% but they are close.

Please explain what you are trying to do so we can see how that fits in our future road map.

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we receive big board that’s ok for development,
but now i search board for deployment and production use - and this board fullfill all needs

but as you informed us there’s will be also feathers model but till there sodimm module include everything what we need.

Why not do a custom PCB for it? Right now, the cost of the boards is high as China is in lock down but once that is resolved, you can get professional 4 layer boards for little cost.

I’ve done a custom PCB for a client in Poland with the G400S and I’ve used the G400D myself. Happy to offer you the part library of the G400D for Altium or as a STEP model to import into your own software. I’ve used the G400D model for the time being for the SCM20260D until I get the STEP models later. The G400D seems to be the exact same size as the SCM20260D.

Funnily enough, Fusion 360 from Autodesk has just integrated Eagle into their CAD software. I use Altium myself but Eagle as part of Fusion 360 seems like a good deal. The yearly cost for the 2 is a stupid low price and you get 3D modelling of your PCB as part of the packaged along with manufacturing outputs direct to CNC machines. Note, I don’t work for Autodesk, just a user of Fusion 360.


The current answer is we have multiple SBC boards to cover most needs. But we will look into making breakout boards in the future.

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