Socket for EMX module

Hi There,

I would like to know if there is some socket available for the EMX module?
I have two reasons for wanting this:

  1. Easy to add and remove the module. I have managed to damage some modules in the past (due to incompetence of my own :-[) but I’m never able to remove the modules from my board to sent them out for repairs. Any hints for de-soldering the module are also welcome!

  2. I would like to develop a board containing more than one module, based on customber options. This means that I would like to have the option to add additional modules when needed. In order to pre-produce the board, it would be very helpfull if I could add the modules later.

At this time, I produced a small print which I can stack on a header. On the small print, the module is soldered. This works fine, but to expose all pins, I need a rather large header. It also leaves me with the “not beeing able to return a defective module” problem, since the module is still soldered.

Any input is appreciated. :smiley:

No socket option

This is my method: when I solder the EMX module, I put a sheet of paper (cut to the size of EMX, just a bit smaller, 0.5 - 1 mm smaller) under it, which remains there. This way the module is not directly on the PCB pads. I only solder the needed pins. Because the EMX is not directly on the PCB pads, I can desolder one pin at a time using desoldering wick which absorbs all the … (I don’t know how it’s called in English).

Other than that, use a hot air station but be very careful since you can damage the module very easy.

It’s called solder ;D

Oh, who would’ve guessed? :smiley: