Socket.Connect() Hangs after SerialPort.Write()

Hi all,
we have problems using sockets with the serial port.

When we do a Socket.Connect() to an ftp server before using the serial port all is ok but if we execute the same code after SerialPort.Write() the Socket.Connect() hangs forever.

It’s a known issue?

We use an Cerb-Family_Gadgeteer with firmware version and NETMF 4.2

We appreciate any suppot.
Thanks in advance

Hi Andre,
Thanks for the help.

I post a working sample (zip) on my Google Drive following this link:


You just need to change the constant at the beginning of the program.

If you have any question about the code please tell me
Thanks in advance

Hi Andre,
we will talk with our supplier if there are problems updating the firmware to 4.3.

Meanwhile trying to use COM2 instead of the COM3 the problem seems to be resolved, but we need to change the component RS485 attached to the board to do a full test.

Thanks anyway for the support