Socket A - using Analog input and digital outputs on the same socket

I have a project in mind (well actually I have quite a few :)) and it will need an Analog input and 2 Digital outputs. This project (or the other I am planning) would be my first foray (albeit rather rudimentary) from the from the “safety” of the Gadgeteer, so I want to understand my board a bit better.

The socket type wiki (GHI Electronics – Where Hardware Meets Software) shows :

Pin 3 & 4 - AIN (G!)
Pin 5 - AIN
Pin 6 - GPIO
Pin 7, 8 & 9 - [UN]

So is Pin 5 only available as an Analog input pin?
If so, could I use Pins 3 & 4 for my digital outputs?

The Spider looks to have 2 analog sockets:
Socket 9 = AOUS Y
Socket 10 = AIT X

On Socket 9, would pins 7-9 be also available for digit, as Y has GPIO list for those pins?

On Socket 10, 8,9 are listed for use with I2C (I suppose), if not used for that purpose could they be used for Digital outputs?

Hi mhectorgato,

Yes, you could use pin 5 as an analog input and pins 3+4 as digital outputs.

Yes, you should be able to do that. You’ll effectively be creating an “A&Y” Gadgeteer module, enabling you to use all of the pins on socket 9.

Yes, you should be able to do that. Please note that those pins are shared with the “I” pins on sockets 1, 3, and 4…so you won’t be able to use any “I” sockets if you use socket 10 pins 8/9 as GPIOs. Also note that the I2C pins have 2.2 kilohm pullups…so your GPIOs will be pulled up by default.


@ Chris Walker -

I am not sure what you mean? Pin 10 is ground, which is of course shared, but I didn’t think pin 9 was shared. I checked the GHI Spider mainboard, and pin 9 does not seem to be shared.

Sorry Mike, I read two lines in mhectorgato’s first post and thought he was saying that socket 9 was also listed as an ‘I’ socket (and accidentally referred to pins 8+9 as pins 9+10). I have corrected my post.

Good eye!


Thanks for the confirmation and info about the I pins being shared!