So what is this RLP "magic"?

What is exactly this RLP Magic Number? I see one defined in RLP.h

but with G400, I read it as 0x5A210984.

Is that the root of my problems?

My understanding is that the magic numbers are values you can use in your native code to verify that RLPext is actually pointing to a valid (initialized) RLPExt_T structure. See also “{GHIwebsite}>Support>NETMF>GHI Premium Extension”

I’m adding note to RLP documentation (

If you do not know exactly, then who does? :slight_smile:

Anyway, I made the same assumption; and since I read wrong magic number, I assume again somebody forgot to include the RLP lib in G400’s firmware…

Okay, excerpts from the source code :wink:

Global_RLPext.magic = RLP_EXT_MAGIC;
Global_RLPext.magicSize = RLP_MAGIC_SIZE;

Cool, now it’s sculpted into the stone.

It is a form of checking to make sure the pointer is valid before you completely crash your system. Just keep it as shown in examples and you will be fine.