So I get this call from MS

So I get this call from MS for a study to share my thoughts on WIN10 IoT.
The first call was to see if I meet the criteria. 15 minutes, at the end he says I do, Now onto level 2, the next call will determine if I will be a good candidate for the hour long call. Talk to the next guy, asks more questions, another 10 minutes. At the end he says Thank you for your time, but I would not be a good fit for the 3’rd call. I say really, why? He says that since I am not currently developing a product for sale with Win10 IoT that this is the reason. So I say back, I have to say I am confused. WIn10 is not even released yet, Visual Studio 2015 is not released yet and Win10 IoT is not released yet. So who in their right mind would start developing a product for sale with these conditions?

He says, many have already started to do so. I laughed and said well thanks for the opportunity anyway.

I am still in shock over that. There are (as he says) many that are making products to sell using all this beta software. Don’t get me wrong I think this Win10 IoT is cool, but its no where ready for market yet.

As far as I know, you are not even allowed to sell anything, that uses the preview/beta Versions.
So the products in the making can only be longer planned products, that have no fixed release time yet.

And in fact, I can belive that some companies do the development already, so their product is nearly finished when the Win10 stuff goes live.

I’m pretty sure that GHI is developing products for Windows 10 IOT right now.

We can neither confirm nor deny. ;D

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@ VersaModule - I am surprised it took multiple phone calls, why talk to 3 people to get a yes or a no.

LOL - Don’t deal with Microsoft very much do you ?

I was taught “Never take NO from someone who does not have the authority to say YES”

@ dft277 - I actually deal with them on a daily basis but it’s the same set of Microsoft people that I have known. Never anything like the phone calls above.

We are hiring, must have 5 years experience with Windows 10 IoT :slight_smile:


I have had cases where MS has hired a 3rd party design firm to handle Usability studies. The call was FOR Microsoft, FROM Microsoft, but not BY Microsoft. I did have at least one experience very similar to the one described. Several screening calls and then either a pass or fail to get into the study. It was standard procedure.

Maybe with me they recognized the sheer talent and possibilities so only phone case was ever needed. :whistle:

@ Gary - I totally agree. ::slight_smile:

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I miss the good ole days when Microsoft would actually reward you for participating in their longer surveys. For several years, I got my VS upgrades that way. Now you’re lucky if they offer you an Xbox game (which is useless to me…). I still do them anytime they ask because I believe it benefits me in the end. But it doesn’t seem like it would be much for them to throw in a useful software license if it takes more than 15 minutes of ones time.

Common you guys people are selling alpha products not even beta nowadays, and clients are buying them like crazy… kickstarter anyone :whistle:

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They used to send me $150 Amazon gift cards for long User experience surveys. But that was years ago.

I will ignore the rolling eyes and keep you off the “list”. :naughty:


@ Duke Nukem - What does it pay? :wink:

How do you think we get launch hardware and apps that are available when a new operating system is out? There are LOTS of companies developing software and hardware and drivers on pre-release Windows 10. It takes much more than a week or so to design, develop, and manufacture a laptop or phone. :slight_smile:

We manage a number of them closely, but there are many others who are going it on their own.

Of course, they don’t release the product with pre-release Windows, they just have it ready for launch.

It’s similar in IoT. Our primary commercial audience for Windows 10 IoT Core right now is actually device OEMs.