Snippet - Wiznet5100 Prototype Driver

I just posted Wiznet5100 Prototype Driver on Codeshare. Feel free to discuss and make suggestions here.


I decided to post the code for the driver for feedback purposes as well as for future generations.

Feedback is welcome. Any suggestions to make the IO faster is more than welcome.

Well, I fought and fretted but now dhcp works (prob not robust, but it does work).

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Ok, so using wireshark makes everything easier. However i know there is a lot in that DNS implementation that’s left to be desired. It just returns the first ip that it gets back. It can only search for ips (A records) and it ignores all the other grovvy data that comes back.

Which implementation is “that” implementation?

the one at the top of this thread… Mr Smith’s prototype

@ mcalsyn - Yea I keep posting updates to the code so it should be the last update.

EDIT: Version 5.

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New and improved version 6 now with NTP.
It’s pretty simple this NTP. Just send 48 bytes to udp port 123 with the first byte as 0x23. The last 8 bytes of the response is your time.

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