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Web server


I have posted a web server for NETMF on Google Code. It’s far from being perfect and documentation is non-existent, but I use it with positive result in my own projects.
It can serve static pages from resource files, dynamic pages and restfull web services.
Ideas, comments, questions, criticism or contributions are welcome.
You can find it on Google Code Archive - Long-term storage for Google Code Project Hosting.


Nice to see you used my StringUtils class.

One note, you should use Socket instead of HttpListener. The latter realy contains a lot of bugs which will ruin the party if your device is running for a longer period. Try browsing to it and hit F5 10 times within 2 seconds, HttpListener will go down :slight_smile:

@ WouterH - you mentioned these bugs before IIRC, so why not provide bug reports to Microsoft? I am sure everyone want NETMF to be stable around here and they would appreciate thd contribution even if it is a bug report.

That’s because the guys writing the sample, actually tested the HttpListener implementation. Those that implemented it did not :wink: