Snippet - Using the Current Module

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Why do you think the Belkin and Current Module are reading different values?

They work in different ways. The passive reading of current between ferrite beads used by the current module is an estimate at best. This technology is good for estimating, but not for actual metering. It can give you a good idea of what paower you are using, but I wouldn’t use it to calculate your electric bill.

The Belkin device most likely uses a current sensor more like

This requires the current to pass through a chip designed for more accurate measurement.

But it may be that neither are completely accurate. A colleague who analyzes power consumption for a living tells me that below certain thresholds, current gets more difficult to measure. The sweet spot for the Current module says it is best near 10 amps. The farther you move from 10 amps +/- the more discrepancy you will find.