Snippet - Unique and Valid MAC Address Generator

I just posted Unique and Valid MAC Address Generator on Codeshare. Feel free to discuss and make suggestions here.


Can you guys test the Code and post your feedback please, I would like to know if it works with all of the existing boards!


hello again,
after some digging I found out that SMT32F4 has a unique DeviceID burned into every chip… so as you can guess now it is possible to generate a truly unique Mac per board based on that unique deviceID…

check out the updated code… oh and for those boards that are not based on SMT32F4 they can still use a unique string to create their own MAC…


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@ GHI - it would be really cool to have a button added to FEZ Config next to the MAC address field that would run this code and generate an address for easy access.


@ Brett We’ll look into adding something like that in a future release, thanks.

Hehehe… Ian perhaps ? ;D

@ Ian indeed.

Hi Jay

thanks for sharing. Just what I was looking for.

I am unsing G120 and G400. Does anybody know if there is also an unique ID I can use for MAC address generation?

hi Peter,

according the info from the chip maker unfortunately the Chip used in those do not implement the hardware ID feature:

I believe the same applies to the atmel chip used in G400…

you can use the code with a cheap EEPROM chip that comes with a unique ID…


Version 3 seems to be wrong somehow.

@ Reinhard Ostermeier -
How so? Can you please give more details…
Don’t have the hardware close to test so please share your findings.

It’s not that the Code is not working, most of it is missing.
If you click on Version 3 Source, you get half of the usage Code. And the Usage button is not there at all.
Didn’t check the Download.

Thank you for the report.
I’ve added the usage code to the latest version…

@ John:
I noticed a double post occurred when I modified the code with an identical time stamp.