Snippet - STM32F4 Processor unique device id

I just posted STM32F4 Processor unique device id on Codeshare. Feel free to discuss and make suggestions here.


Very good!

I made it with interop but your method is so simple I didn’t thought about it.

To be mode portable, your method should fail if the processor is not compatible.

Thanks for feedback, I have updated source code, if it’s not running on Cerberus it throws NotSupportedExeception.

@ JohnySeven - Good!
I found that a common use of these serial is to create a Guid.
This requires a 16 bytes array (not 12).

Excellent, works in GHI. How can we read in non-GHI?

Take a look at the code snippet to find id…

@ ysoyipek - Depends of what non-GHI are you talking about.