Snippet - ST7920 128x64 Display Controller

ST7920 128x64 Display Controller

This is a C# port of a generic display controller based on
This is for controlling a 128x64 monochrome graphical display with the ST7920 chip.

“it is not recommended for use with NETMF.”

But why not ? Could you please explain more clearly.

Thank you

" due to the oddities of configuration and bit-wise data formatting"

It’s a peculiar driver, that expects data in a peculiar way, which is not how netmf would ordinarily operate. That probably means it has quite a poor performance - it also was just porting an existing driver into C#, so has probably undergone little or no optimization. But if this is the driver chip you have, what you’ve got is what you’ve got, so just use it. And even better, perhaps you can enhance it !

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@ xmen - because there is a lot of time wasted to send the display the date it expects in a certain way. Other displays like the one on N18 will simply take the whole data as is in one SPI transactions, making it hundreds of times faster.

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@ Brett - you are right. Maybe an RLP diver to make this run beautifully fast.

Yes, I have this exact driver and 128x64 Graphic Display. But nothing is appearing on screen. I tripped checked the wiring and display is working good as I tested with arduino.

I still have one confusion that you are saying .net mf has fast SPI while the ST7920 has strange kind of SPI implementation which is slow. Right ?

If thats the case, what display should I use that is fast and similar to this ?