Snippet - SPI 8 thro 16 bits

SPI 8 thro 16 bits

SPI using a register class covers most of the SPI options 8 thro to 16 bit frames SCLK frequency 1,2,3,4,6,9MHz. Also a usage file setup for an OctoBrite. Lines need to be commented for pure SPI use. I have tested it using a scope, it appears the send works, but dont know if the receive works. There is no IRQ at the moment.

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Updated to remove the dependency LPC23xx.cs, and tested read/write on an Atmel 328 up to 2Mhz.

here is a short video of it running I believe it is running at 1MHz so the color changes are hard to see but I learned so much by reading through the sample code THANKS!