Snippet - Snowflakes - Getting Started

Snowflakes - Getting Started

This is a modification to the Snowflake sample game out of the book “Getting Started with .NET Gadgeteer” by Simon Monk. The changes are super simple, fully commented, and include:

-increases the number of snowflakes from 1 to 3
-introduces variations in speed per snowflake
-shows number of flakes missed (not just caught)
-causes the game to end after too many misses
-ability to reset the game

Book here: (available on Amazon)

Download the Snowflake sample here:

…then just paste this code snippet to replace the code in program.cs.

Here is a link to some discussions about the book and samples:



I suggest you add a video or at least a photo of the game for those that haven’t read the book.

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That’s great - thanks for that.

When I get a moment, I really want to sort out an open area where people can add to the examples.

I guess the Codeshare is as good a place as any to put it.


Looking forward to playing around with this game!

Thanks for sharing