Snippet - RLP - Hough Circle Transform

RLP - Hough Circle Transform

This is a port from aforge hough circle transform to RLP.

Nice work!

What about trying to implement hough line transformation, too? It could be useful many robotics context, for example it could provide a rough “road detection” algorithm for autonomous vehicles.

How hard do you think it could be?

Make it happen and youn get a gift from GHI :wink: now you are busy this weekend.

Where’s the RLPLite version?

Line transform should be simpler than circle transforms. I’m out of the country at the moment for job purposes; but I brought my cerb with me, so hopefully I will have some spare time to implement it (also in RLP lite format).



The performance should be a little faster than circle transform. Keep in mind that the line transform can only detect the slope of a line and it’s distance from the center of the image, but not it’s start and endpoints.

That should however be sufficient for a robot to follow lines on a surface. Realistically you should be able to do about 3-5fps on 128x96 image (cerb).

I’m also writing a streaming library for a serial camera so the memory pressure is less (process the image as soon as the bytes arrives, instead of buffering and then processing).

Could anyone please guide me how to run this program ? I’m newbie with RLP and .NET MF. Thank you very much

@ dtrson - follow the RLP docs here

I highly recommend following Simon’s RLP in depth guide And using his templates.

RLP has changed a bit since this was created so it will probably need a couple of changes to how you pass data in and out.

It would be great if there is a detail instruction about how to put a project like this to the template.
For example there is a .h file in this project but I don’t know how to deal with it in Visual Studio environment.
I am working with the Spider board + Camera and I am totally newbie.
Thank you for your help! ;D