Snippet - OLED debug window for Cerberus & Cerbuino

OLED debug window for Cerberus & Cerbuino

Small class to use Seeed’s 128x128 OLED display module as a simple but useful debug window in a way which will work on the memory constrained Cerberus family (though should also work with ‘bigger’ mainboards too). This class is an adaptation & reworking of an earlier scrolling debug window by mhectorgato which can be found at - I’ve made the dimensions more suitable for the OLED and changed the drawing routines from using SimpleGraphics (which won’t work on the Cerbs) to use FlushRawBitmap instead. I did find some graphical weirdness in using the OLED with Cerbuino, with steady screen corruption marching over whichever rectangle was last to be flushed, I’ve tried to mitigate this in the code by finishing a screen draw with flushing a single-pixel bitmap to the corner of the screen - it’ll still corrupt but it’s only 1 pixel.

Bugs in the OLED driver in the July 23rd SDK seem to be squished in the August 24th SDK, so I’ve revised the code for this to match.

I found no video, so i made one :slight_smile:

Great. Thank you