Snippet - Graphics Helper for Gadgeteer LED Matrix Module

Graphics Helper for Gadgeteer LED Matrix Module

The base driver for the LED Matrix module requires the user to manipulate bits of an eight byte array to set the on/off state of individual leds. This helper provides a set of properties and methods that allow the user to control the module in a manner similar to the standard drawing APIs of Gadgeteer and MF.

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@ Mike - Nice!

We might want to combine our efforts:


@ devhammer

We can include you stuff in the next release which includes 3D drawing. :slight_smile:

[EDIT] Just realized that you may have been yanking my chain a bit, given the 3D comment. Not clear, but if you are considering further efforts in this direction, I’d be happy to collaborate…after MADExpo 2012 is in the books. :slight_smile:

@ Mike - Cool.

FYI, @ ddurant had some good suggestions for how I could make my code a bit more efficient:

I haven’t had time yet to implement those changes, however, and I’m pretty swamped this week and next getting ready for MADExpo ( So feel free to use any or all of the code from my project, with the caveat that ddurant’s suggested changes are probably a good idea to reduce the memory footprint.

I was pulling your leg. I would never yank your chain! :slight_smile:

The LED Matrix module seems to me to be a great module looking for real use. I am not planning on
doing anything more with the helper until I find a problem/application which would fun to solve/implement.

I have a box full of modules which I need to play with…

@ Mike - Fair enough…kind of in the same boat…needed enough code to be able to properly demo the module, and not much beyond that. :slight_smile: