Snippet - Gadgeteer Serial Port Pass-Through

[title]Gadgeteer Serial Port Pass-Through[/title]
This snippet allows you to pass-through serial date to/from USB CDC from/to the serial port.

The code assumes that an XBee module is connected to socket #8 of a FEZ Spider and that the system is connected to a PC via a USB client board.

The on-board debug LED is flashed whenever data is sent to the XBee.

You may have to reset the FEZ Spider after starting the debugger to make it connect.

Please note that it is a little slow.

You will need these CDC drivers:

Required assembly references:

For some reason there is about 500ms between each message it sends to the serial device - If anyone knows why and how to fix this, please let me know - It seems to be the CDC read which is the slow part.