Snippet - FEZ Spider ethernet web server

[title]FEZ Spider ethernet web server[/title]
This is a simple demo usage of the ethernet module with the FEZ Spider Kit.
It creates a WebServer to receive orders from a browser to take pictures with a camera and display them.
It was greatly based on the project available at but I wasn’t able to make it work. It seems the API changed since that blog post, also this application is simpler.
I hope it is useful for other people learning their way with the network modules.

Its works fine, thanks.
But, I have a problem,in my house I use the float IP to connect to Internet.
The IP is not fixed.
So how can the Clint user know the IP address?
Does the web server only works on Fixed IP?


@ Tzu Hsuan - Hi, you can use a service like: to make use of a domain name to point to your external internet IP address. I have a service on my NAS which will link to sites like no-ip and update the IP address when it changes so you get a small amount of time when it’s not available.

But the internal device needs a fixed or preferred IP address which may be something you can set up on your router. Mine always gives the same mac address the same ip address on my internal network. I then use port forwarding and a specific port number on the router to make sure the external access gets to the right device.