Snippet - FEZ Hydra 4.2 Managed Touch Drivers

FEZ Hydra 4.2 Managed Touch Drivers

These are the managed Touch Drivers to allow for touch input on the T35 touch screen. The drivers provide basic reading of the X coordinate and the Y coordinate. These drivers do not provide calibration of the touchscreen so the axis will be off the further away from the origin (0,0) you go.

Hi. I’m a newbie here. How do you make this work with Glide? or maybe I don’t need this driver when using Glide. I’m confused as to when i should use this driver besides the one built into Glide. I’m currently having trouble with Glide’s touch with the TE35 display on a NETMF 4.2 Hydra.

These managed touch drivers should not be necessary when the new SDK is released as the Touch drivers for the Hydra have been fixed.

Do you have one for the TE35? As soon as I try and do a ReadX I get an exception on XcoordinatePin = new AnalogInput(Cpu.AnalogChannel.ANALOG_1); // PA18 // pin5

What do you mean by “Do you have one for the TE35”? The touch driver will work on any system with resistive touch. The only thing you would need to do is to calibrate the touch to work with individual screens.

It is important to note here is that this is only for demo purposes only. There is built in native touch functions to take care of reading touch input.