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Snippet - FEZ Cerbot Library


I just posted FEZ Cerbot Library on Codeshare. Feel free to discuss and make suggestions here.



I am a beginner (not in programming but with controllers etc.).

What project type would be appropriate?

I have: VS 2012, my Cerbots firmware version is (FEZ Config says: “up to date”)

I assume that I could start an .NET Micro Framework Application.
Will this project type allow me to deploy the app as well?

Sorry, but the guides I found are all “not correct” (or I really miss something important) for the current software, i.e. 2014 R3

Thanks in advance!


Welcome to the forum!

Yes you need an Application type of project.


@ F. Laskowski - this is not working for you?



That worked out for me - with some minor adjustments.
But I have another problem, might be you can give me another valuable hint.
I will post it in a few minutes here:



Hi Gus,
I’m looking for NETMF documentation, not only the hello world !
Can you help please ?


anyone can help - not sure why you’re asking in this thread ?

in the menu above, hit “Support”. From there, hit either (or both) NETMF or Gadgeteer. That has links to both the core NETMF references on MSDN and the GHI specific additions.