Snippet - El Wire Sparkfun El Escudo quick demo

[title]El Wire Sparkfun El Escudo quick demo[/title]
Just a quick demo of a very simple shield to drive up to 8 el wires… for my christmas lights :wink:
The most interesting thing to know is that… it works from a Fez too. I was not sure that the 3v3 outputs from the board could trigger directly a triac !

It is so simple that I was even too lazy to produce a decent driver !

I used here the small 3v3 to 125v AC 800Hz inverter from Sparkun, with a tiny modification to the shield : instead of wiring the “Raw voltage” (inverter input) to the Vin pin, I connected it to the 3v3 pin : the panda II is then autonomous for powering the el wires. However the power out of that thing is good enough for powering maximum 3 to 6 meters of el wires at once.