Snippet - Debug over Bluetooth

Debug over Bluetooth

It is possible to debug over Bluetooth. It is slow, but useful for mobile applications.

All that is required is a bluetooth module that can be configured for 115200 baud interface. Some modules can be configured and the configuration stored in it’s own flash.

My module was purchased on ebay. (Hmm, removed the link to where I bought it. I bought them for $10. Now it is a private sale, and for $106.99. And his store is empty. Don’t know if it is because he is “away”…)

This module is put into configuration mode by pulling one pin high during powerup.

The board must be put into serial debug mode. The Panda requires MODE pulled low. The module must be connected to COM1.

When the board is not placed in serial debug mode then the same module can be used by the application.

I used this code to configure my bluetooth module