Snippet - Code used to power an SP03 Text to Speech device

Code used to power an SP03 Text to Speech device.

I came across an old SP03 Text to Speech module when rummaging through some old electronics and I decided to attempt to get my Fez Spider to talk to it.

Information on the device can be found here:

I used a breadboard and the Extender module (With pins soldered in to connect it to the bread board). And two pull up resisters.

The device uses either serial or I2C communication to communicate which is supported by the FEZ Spider. So I created a class with the help from the TinyCLR forum people to control it. (See SP03.cs) and then wrote a simple program to make it talk which is shown in the youtube video.


Alas, I still have one of those WTS701 chips in a box somewhere. Shame that winbond discontinued them… :frowning:

They are not the best sounding devices but it was good fun to play with.

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Yeah, that bug is still here. Happens from time to time.