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Woooooo! new smilies!

They look a little small, but I kind of like them :smiley:
why did you pick yellow ones?

Cool! ;D


Yellow is classic. It stands out more against the black background. I didn’t like the white ones at all. I’ll be making a few more changes to the form so stay tuned… :o


time to run away. Josh is making more changes.


Josh, if you’re a support monkey, why is your avatar a regular FEZ hat? :smiley:


good question Chris :slight_smile: Josh has his own web admin level so he can see the new features he is working on…as you can see, the forum is getting better and better everyday.


Speaking of avs, it might be nice if FEZ Legends and above got their own special avatar… Doesn’t have to be custom uploaded image, just something different.


And we LOVE it ;D

Good idea! Was thinking of this too! I want a monkey :-[


There is a “secret” coming sooooooooooooon…I can’t tell you …oops, did I say avatar?


No you did not say that, but I think it might be a avatar :smiley: