SmartLink v1.1

v1.1 boards just back from manufacture…

2mb STM32F429 running NETMF 4.3
8mb Ram
8mb Flash
Lipo support with dual input power path management
24v Power input
3x 24v NPN/PNP Opto isolated inputs
3x 24v 24v highside output
2x Binary rotary address switches
Synapse header
Xbee header

Sigh missed the RJ45 IO header in the Mouser order :frowning:

I would also like the publicly state that NZ made PCB’s from PCB Zone are an order of magnitude in quality than the usual Chinese jobs. They look rather fetching in red if i do say so myself :slight_smile:


RJ45 is GPIO, right, not Ethernet. PCBs do look crackerjack!

@ Brett - yes, RJ45 is power and io.

@ Justin - Does the RJ45 pin out match the CANBUS pin out scheme ?


@ .Peter. - 9

@ Justin - Of course, stupid of me :wall: how could I oversee that !!

@ Peter, I read this statement with a German accent which is perhaps the other way Justin meant it to be taken ?

@ Brett - Don’t insult me, please !!

Didn’t intend to - nor would Justin. I still just think that may well have been the dual purpose phrase he used

@ Brett - Peter is a Dutch Snag - but since he’s over the border i thought i would use my multilingo skills :smiley:

*Edit - so i dont send north south relations back 100 years…Snag == sensitive new age guy…

@ Bret - Of course, and you are right as is Justin … it is just for a Dutch guy, that German is not always on my mind, you know. There are much more pleasant thoughts when thinking about words starting with a G …

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And I have to do one today. Gardening. :frowning:

@ Justin - Just pure out of curiosity, I reckon your are using the Cortex Micro-controller Software Interface Standard, is CAN included and pinned out ?

PS. You may answer in German of course :open_mouth:

@ Brett - I was more thinking of Gadgeteer … or something more character orientated … :whistle:

But good hunting anyway … in the garden

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Nein, es ist eine kundenspezifische Lösung für einen Kunden, die zählen die Magie Sie sprechen tut.


:open_mouth: and :clap:

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@ Justin - Er dude, I think someone is pranking your keyboard there :smiley: