Smart Homes

Hi there! I’m very new to gadgeteer platform and make some research. Is it possible to use gadgeteer and GHI hardware in commercial smart homes projects? Is it valid for it? in many articles said that the technology is suitable just for prototyping…

Yes, of course.

Why not.


Sorry is in German

Excellent! Thank you for such quick support!

Hi there Zaborius,

I am happily using GHI boards for commercial projects. I use mainly custom boards but I also have a couple of smaller projects using the Cerbuino boards.

I am also using them for a home project that will be integrated into my home automation system. The WiFi based modules are ideal for this, allowing a wireless installation.

Have a go. The support in here is awesome and the boards just work.

Primarily I believe the misconception is that, at least in my opinion, Gadgeteer was designed for prototyping (the ability to remove, move and exchange modules near seamlessly), whereas NETMF is suitable in almost every non-time-critical application.

The only thing that makes Gadgeteer more suitable for prototyping is that, larger commercial products tend to benefit from having all components on the same board, bringing a layer of obscurity to how the circuit is layed out and how each component interacts with each other component on a hardware level.

It all depends on volumes, if you need 100 then gadgeter is perfect fro production. If you need 10,000 then use Gadgeteer fro prototyping and then use one of our SoMs in your production.

Gadgeteer modules are quite bulky, and sometimes a custom board is the only option just because of that — even for small volumes…