Smart Garage openner

Is this the most technologically advanced garage door opener in the world? If not, still very great to see. This demo was showing at “that conference” 2012 Pete Brown was kind enough to share demo this with the community.

As for the hardware, gadgeteer modules make wiring sensors and actuators a simpler tasks, mostly plug an play. On the software side, .NET makes controlling displays and networks on devices as simple as it is done on the PC. Not to forget how gadgeteer modules include the necessary software as well.

Pictures of the real garage are found at GarageDoor | Flickr

Edit: After seeing this post, community member @ PrintSize.Me shared his own similar project with us


Who is the creator?

good question


In the photo stream of the actual garage door - Is he using Hall Effect sensors to determine the door’s position?

Here is another garage door opener project

Chris Sell (not Sells) and a few others built the garage door opener as I recall.