Smart Card Reader

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First sorry my english is not very good.Great Work and great site for microsoft .net micronetframework begineers. My question is : Digital certificates can be read by some component of GHI Electronics? For example how to validate one person in a workers recognized system.

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But if you use this guideline [url][/url] here for your question.
It would help you and other people who to help you, understand what you want to do, in very short period of time.


I think I know what he needs Sam. Smart cards are used for security systems.

Jordi, we currently do not support USB smart card readers but we have this on the on our list. Note it is not a high priority till we have some serious commercial needs for it.

You can still use magnetic card readers. These work fine with FEZ, USB or serial

Hi Sam and Gus,

Thanks for your quickly answer. Indeed, my question is regarding security card systems such as GUS has said. A serious alternative is use magnetic card readers in my project. Please guide a starting point?

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Buy USB card reader
Connect to domino or rhino or cobra
Read the free ebook section on USB keyboards

It is very easy