Smalller NETMF board?


In my recent project , I am using Xbee+Domino.
but in our final device, the size is important.
do you have plan to make a smaller device(similar size to Fez mini or smaller ).


Why not use the chipset itself?

We are not EE background, it is hard to directly use the chipset.
We are now using the Xbee+Dimono and Gadgeteer+Xbee to proof our concept.
If we can find a smaller board then we don’t need to design the new board.
Maybe I will try the Fez mini first.

There was a community effort to design a “bare bones” small form factor USBizi board last fall. Search the forum for FEZ Ant. Once GHI gets their PCB production line up, I’m sure a batch of these will be made.

It’s not smaller than the Mini, however. My (at least) final design is 2.5"x1.3".

You can’t make it a ton smaller than that and break out all the IO in .1" headers. If you wanted to go with something like SMT headers and have some on top and some on bottom, you could do it.