Smallest video-player running NETMF

This design shared by WouterH uses EMX System On Module as its base and then adds a microSD card, USB and LCD connectors. This has to be the smallest EMX-based board ever made. He didn’t stop at this very interesting hardware but also built a native RLP library to handle SD cards at high speeds allowing the system to play videos smoothly.

Original discussion is found here

Here it is playing a video on a 320x240 2" display.

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Here’s a second video after programming the LCD double buffering in RLP. This time I have recorded the video through a lens because my phones camera doesn’t want to autofocus during video recording. It shows the EMX playing video in RLP at 20FPS. Each frame is initiated by NETMF while other NETMF threads are running to monitor charger and other status lines.


@ WouterH - This is really excellent. What format is the video in?

It’s headerless RAW 5:6:5 data

@ WouterH - If I may ask, what do you use to conver the video to that format? Do existing tools support that or is it something you have developed? I have not done much (anything) with video tools so it might seem like a stupid question.

I use virtualdub to convert a movie into bitmap sequence. Then I use a home brewn c# app that removes headers and merges all bitmap data into a single file. There might be an easier way, but this is my workflow so far.

Excellent work!

Virtualdub, cool thanks I will take a look at that. Thank you for the info!

So, how about a Matrix fight scene? That player is just too awesome for cute bunnies :wink:

The video he’s using was specifically created to give people a video they can display royalty free and without worry of copyright infringement…perfect for YouTube.

Ahh… gotcha. WouterH, to prevent any problems with the law just load up Matrix on one of your media players and ship it to me. We don’t want the YouTube police coming down on you. :smiley: