Smallest Bluetooth/BLE module?

Does anyone have any suggestions for the physically smallest bluetooth/ble module with its own embedded stack, that can support SPP, HFP, A2DP, and GATT? As an A2DP audio source (not a slave)?

Asking, uh, for a friend. :slight_smile:

The competition is currently this module:

No sure about the audio - but its smaller :slight_smile:

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Good find, but that seems to be data only.

The Amp’ed RF module has an AT-style interface and is designed for use within a bluetooth headset type device (as a slave for the most part)

Im looking for something more or less exactly like that Amp’edRF module (or smaller), except that can work as a master (so I dont have to ask AmpedRF to change their stack)

This would be used for embedding within a radio, and connecting to a bluetooth/ble headset/Mic/PTT device. (I.e. handle audio both ways, and button presses)

I am using the SiLabs module, BGM121 -

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Wow, that one IS small.

But it doesnt seem to support audio either…

I could be wrong about this, but I do not think the current version of Bluetooth LE supports audio. Bluetooth classic may be your best option for audio.

Yeah. I realize that. The ampedRF module supports both bt classic and ble. The audio is on bt classic over an hfp/a2dp connection. The ble channel can be used as a control link using gatt/gap profile for other configuration stuff, events/notifications.

I so wish that ampedrf module handled connecting -to- a headset-profile device, but it is really designed to -be- a headset profile device. Unless you pay them for a modified stack, which I want to avoid :confused:

I was just hoping to find something else that ticked all the boxes (and fit in the space I have)