Small question about announced new boards


without revealing any secret, is it possible to know the input voltage range of those boards, at least for the non-gadgeteer ones ?

I ask this because I’m currently creating a new shield that will need higher voltage than 9V. So I was wondering if I would be able to power the new boards with something like 12V or 15V from my shied or if I should envisage a reductor on it ?

Right now, only the good old Domino can support 12Vcc input but this board seems to become less popular :frowning:

Why create a shield? Why not create a module instead? …smaller, cheaper, easier, more usable, no pin-overlap-problems…and you get to pick any power module you like.

The shield I’m creating is a new variant of my PandaMotors shield. It was meant to be used with Panda 1 which has been obsoleted.
Also, with the inclusion of the FEZ connect shield, many pins I’ve used in my shield are already taken by the SPI :frowning:

Now, there are three main reasons for me to choose to create a shield instead of a module :

Usage :
the whole thing (FEZ board+Connect shield + my shield) will have to be as compact as possible and has to be “autonomous”, that is : it will be powered by a car battery in fields. That’s why I would like only one power plug on the device. A shield will be able to power the underlying FEZ board via the Vin pin.

Practicality :
[ulist]With PandaII/Domino (or Mini) there won’t be much wires flying around, apart from those needed for connecting external devices (temperature sensors, motors and switches).
With Gadgeteer, I will have to connect many IDC cables to my module, while at the same time wasting pins on some of them (unless I create my own module to avoid that, of course)[/ulist]

Final cost :
[ulist]Panda II or even Domino (if it comes back in stock) +
FEZ Connect shield +
My shield[/ulist]

will always be cheaper than :
[ulist]Hydra +
Client DP module +
Ethernet ENC28 Module +
My shield[/ulist]

I don’t really need the extra-power available on Gadgeteer boards, hence my choice of “original” FEZ boards.
Anyway, I will wait till the official announcement of the boards before creating the PCB. In the meantime, I will work on the schematics. That’s why I still need to know if I should add some components to provide lower voltage to the FEZ board.

Valuable feedback. Thanks.
I hope the new coming boards will cover your needs.

Don’t get me wrong, Gus : existing boards already fully cover my needs :wink:

The only thing is that I wouldn’t have to create yet another shield in the (short) future only because of some powering problem on the new boards. Or if Domino follows the same road as Panda 1 :snooty:

Well, I will add some regulator to get something around 9V for powering the underlying FEZ board. Am I ok in assuming that 9V will be ok on the new boards ?