Small display eyegasm

240 x 240px 1.54in SPI display driven by an STM32F411 and NETMF 4.4

Image doesn’t do it justice, in the flesh it looks almost as good as my mobile screen :grin:

Hand soldering the 0.4mm pitch connector was entertaining :joy:


and you know how I feel about displays…

funny, the picture did not have the same effect on me! :sleeping:

Where did you get your display from?

@Mike, you must be getting old :yum:

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Display’s came from the manufacturer

@Justin - A new toy or something for a customer?

I ordered them for a potential customer project but it will also turn into a toy :blush:

Wiring has been cleaned up.

I still think Gadgeteer modules are the business :grin:

Cellphone camera doesnt do this little display any justice…


time to klean that keyboard my friend ! :wink:

Can you guess the provenance of said keyboard crumbs? :joy:

Full ack. It’s a pity the connectors are so dead expensive. I switched to 10-pin headers, keeping the pinout, for designed PCBs. I still have a small stock of Gadgeteer cables and breakout headers so I can attach the modules to a Gadgeteer mainboard.

The display looks really cool indeed!

Good idea re headers.
Yes the Samtec part specified is very expensive but there are alternatives that are cheaper. DF Robot do 10 at 0.29ea and in a 100’s around 19c from memory.

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You know how i feel about Gadgeteer!!


I googled and found:

Oh, I didn’t know that they exist! It’s still not very cheap, but at least justifiable. I searched for cables also, do you know if any compatible cables exist as well?

Cables are a bit harder to find in small quantities but if things go according to plan then i will offer them in singles at a reasonable price soon.

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