Sm5100b cellular shield

Hi All,

I am a newbie to electronics and I have limited knowledge of reading wiring diagrams etc.

I have been developing commercial software for over 20 years and I’m trying to get a fez domino to send SMS using the SM5100b shield and C# as a test projects.

Could anybody send me wiring diagram to show me how the shield should be wired. I’ve read that I need to solder D2 to D0 and D3 to D1, but I don’t know what that means. I also don’t know what other wires I need connected to the domino.

Any help would be grately appreciated.

TIA Peter.

Welcome to the community.

There is no wiring when you use a shield as it plugs right in with all wires in the right place. The only thing that you may have solder jumpers on the board itself to select what pins to use with the shield. Probably the default is just fine.

IIRC, the shield only works if you use power pack, USB power will not do.

Did you get the Sparkfun shield?

Assuming so, then as Gus says you may only need to deal with the jumpers. For the Domino you want to use Di0 and Di1, which are the serial pins (on Arduino the D2/D3 option is there so you can use [italic]software uart [/italic]not the hardware uart, so it’s not relevant on Domino).

Thanks for this.

If I understand your reply correctly I should not need to change anything, other than supply external power. The shield below is the sheild I purchased so I should simply plug on top of the domino and it will be ready to go.

Which pins does this sheild use?

As part of my project I want to send a message to my mobile phone if the front door bell ring while I am at work, hence the need for the shield. I will need some of the other analogue and digital pins as I want to measure temperature and windspeed etc. Which pins will the sm5100b need exclusive use of?


The shield uses COM1, IIRC. That is pins D0 and D1, see Domino brochure please.

looking at this picture:

There are two solder jumpers in the top left corner.

They are currently both on the right side. They must be removed and soldered on the left side.

I can’t really find a manual for the board, but the tracks that I can trace on the picture point to moving the jumpers…

Thanks guys,

I’ll try it htis weekend and let you (and anyone else who is interested) know how I get on.

I did some testing on a similar shield
It might help?

Hi Geir,

Did you have to make any changes to this shield. I am about to try and change the solder jumpers on the SM5100B, but I am not very confident. I have very little experience of doing this.

If the HiLo SAGEM GPRS module does not require any real changes I would prefer to use that.

TIA Peter

I did not change anything on the shield.
There is however a tip to add a capacitor to the power rail as it pulls quit a lot of current when it first connects. But I had no issue with that.